Eating For Joy - Whole 30 Starts Today

At Joy Yoga we are taking a community challenge to eat clean for 30 days. Whole, real, nutrient dense, vitamin-filled FOOD. That means no crap. 

I'm so excited for this challenge, as my sugar addiction has gotten OUT OF CONTROL (Girl Scouts, you are cute but you aren't helping stabilize my energy levels). As a yoga teacher who is always active and always on the go, I needed to do some prep for the week. 

I'm sharing my favorite recipe so far, this Madras Chick Salad from NomNomPaelo. It's ridiculously good. I ate it on romaine leaves, because I'm an animal and I love eating with my hands!

Share your recipes with me in the comments and join me at Joy on Voss on Friday for yoga and a potluck! More info over here.