Finding Calm in the Chaos

In front of you is the future, a new year, the unknown, the potential. As you constantly move forward, you take the risk to move beyond the comforts of what you know. Behind you is a past, the memories of everything you have experienced, everyone you have met, and everything that has led you to this point, this single moment in time. This moment. Time continues to move forward, the moment becomes a memory, and we are reminded that the only constant is change.

Amidst the movement, our yoga practice continually teaches us to practice finding a stable source of joy within. By remaining flexible, we flow with the changing times. By creating structure and ritual in our daily routine, we can find stability. By making connections with others and building a network of like-minded souls, we realize that we are not alone in this journey.

As we move into the darkest days of the years, I invite you to reconnect with sources of light in your life, including your yoga practice, your community, your sangha here at Joy. Let's uplift each other, even in times of darkness, even in times of chaos. Let us create a calm amidst the chaos.

Know that there is always a constant source of peace within you, and use this winter to go inward, to go deep, and to reconnect with your roots. Nurture yourself with activities that bring you warmth, that soothe your soul.

And if all else fails, and if the Christmas music and your family, and the constant reruns of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation finally start to grate on your last nerve, remember that we are always here for you at Joy. Let us offer you a calm, safe place to help you find inner peace amidst the chaos of the holidays. Or better yet, bring your loved ones to yoga! It may be the best gift you could give.

See you at the studio!