My Yoga

I teach humbly to pass along the what I’ve learned from my own teachers and my personal practice. My classes are a moving meditation focused on awareness, breath, and the geometry of the body. 

Through yoga we can use the body as a metaphor for our own lives and universal principles. In this way, I personalize the practice to the individual in order to find strength where we are week, give in where we are too rigid, and transcend the personal to join in something more communal, more universal. 

We move through these shapes, manipulating our breath, emptying ourselves out and stilling our minds in order to gain insight and find joy in our own lives. 

Additional things you may want to know about me as a teacher: 

  • I like to use music in my class and play with sound and vibration.  

  • I'm always contemplating different philosophies and making bad jokes. I avoid dogmatic teachings and I think we all need to be spiritual rebels every now and then. 

  • I’m trying to take myself less seriously.

  • I like bullet points. 

My Yoga Story

I took my first yoga class at the age of 16 in a dirty corporate gym in the suburbs, and I never looked back. I’ve been enchanted by the ever expansive teachings of yoga ever since that first class. I’m originally from Atlanta, and when I moved to NYC, I was overwhelmed and overstimulated. I found balance through yoga and was blessed to find myself studying with teachers like Nevine Michaan, Leslie Kaminoff and Alan Finger. I am eternally grateful to all of my teachers and hope to pass along the bits of wisdom they have shared with me.

I’ve been formally sharing the science of yoga with others by teaching in and around my home in Brooklyn, NY. I spend lots of time at my local community non-profit studio, Hosh Yoga, where I serve on the board of directors. You can find me there playing crystal singing bowls or teaching yoga every Monday at 6:30pm. 

Yoga was my savior, and continues to be my main source of inspiration. My understanding of yoga, and hence my teaching, continues to ebb and flow with each new piece of wisdom I learn and integrate.

I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Vida in NYC. 

I was also certified to teach restorative yoga at ISHTA in NYC. 

I currently practice at Katonah Yoga, Greenhouse Holistic, Jivamukti, and almost on any surface that will hold me -- upside down or right-side up. 

For more information on private lessons, drop me a line! 

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